What makes a natural lemonade?

Our lives have been filled with memorable moments chilling with friends and family. However, these moments are missing a key ingredient and that is a smooth, delightful, and natural lemonade. You can go to your local grocery store and find a “natural lemonade,” but in reality they are pumped to the brim with unnatural toxins. With all the unnatural in our world, what’s in an actual healthy, nutritious, and natural lemonade? 

What is Natural?

For something to be natural, it must be directly from nature. The natural drink couldn’t have been messed with during its creation. This means that we must only have the building blocks within our natural lemonade. So what are these necessary building blocks of nature? 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is completely natural and is found in many fruits and vegetables making it readily accessible. However, what are the benefits of vitamin C? Some of the benefits of our favorite vitamin include: immune system protection, eye disease protection, prenatal health problem prevention, cardiovascular disease protection, and healthier skin. 


Fructose is Earth’s natural sugar. This makes it ideal for our natural lemonade. So what exactly is fructose and what are its benefits? Well, fructose is a monosaccharide sugar that is sweeter and healthier than sucrose (table sugar). We recommend always consuming fructose from fruits and not as an additive through high fructose corn syrup. We like to keep things natural and using high fructose corn syrup is not natural in the slightest.


Fiber is a zero calorie essential need for our bodies. We consume fiber to maintain our vital digestive systems. Consuming fiber allows our bodies to remove hazardous waste that may build up within our digestive tracts. It’s the world’s natural digestive cleanser and is vital for our natural lemonade.


Potassium is a natural mineral that is used as an electrolyte. This is essential for our body to properly conduct electricity, which is used in many processes within our body. These processes include: reduction of blood pressure, increase in water retention, protection against potential strokes, and prevention of future kidney stones. In summary, potassium serves as a fluid, muscle contraction, and nervous system regulator for our bodies. 


Calcium is another essential mineral for our bodies. Calcium’s job is to build and maintain our bone’s health, allow our blood to clot, our hearts to beat, and for our muscles to contract. In addition, our bodies cannot naturally produce calcium so it’s crucial that we eat and drink enough calcium rich foods and beverages, such as natural lemonades.

A gorgeous salad platter that would be perfect served at lunch alongside an acidic lemonade.
Full and sliced yellow natural lemons on a white cloth sheet.

What Else Can Be in a Natural Lemonade?

Other than vitamins, we can spice up our lemonade with other natural additives. These are simple, household staples that will turn your lemon juice into a healthy, premium, and natural lemonade. 


This goes without saying, but all lemonade needs fresh water for it to become an actual lemonade. Without water, your lemonade is just lemon juice and that wouldn’t be something to be making memories from. Adding more water will dilute your lemonade, leaving a less lemon flavor and vice-versa. 


Honey is a natural wonder of the food world. It has loads of benefits ranging from: healthy nutrients, antioxidants, natural sugars, aid of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and honey is also delicious!  So the next time you want to make a natural lemonade, try adding some honey and step your lemonade game up!

Fresh Fruit

A fresh lemonade does not need to be just lemons. As expert lemonade producers, we recommend that you experiment with fresh fruits in your beautiful lemonade. I could go ahead and list fruits, however we recommend using your favorite fruits and experimenting for yourself. There are fantastic recipes all across the internet of fresh fruit lemonade recipes so we recommend checking those out. You can also check out another article written by our experts about summer foods to pair with your natural lemonade for fruit suggestions.

A gorgeous salad platter that would be perfect served at lunch alongside an acidic lemonade.
Fresh mint leaf floating in water

Fresh Herbs

Using fresh herbs will elevate your natural lemonade experience. Use them as a garnish or a key component of your lemonade and it’ll surely impress any guest you have over. Adding fresh herbs makes any homemade lemonade look like it just came out of a five star restaurant!  P.S: Our personal favorite fresh herb is a mint leaf.

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