What's Grilled Lemonade?

Grilled lemonade is the most delicious and trendy lemonade in the United States. Before juicing the lemons, you put them through a grilling process. A lemonade that’s grilled makes any day relaxing and memorable! This is because the grilling elevates the lemon flavors and unlocks paradise for all your taste buds.

Why is Grilled Lemonade different?

Grilled lemonade evokes memories of a simpler time. Lemonade that’s grilled tastes like the county fair or a lemonade stand. Your memory instantly leaps to the simple moments in life just because of the grilling process. The grilling process revives your childhood memories of mouthwatering flavors that you believed were lost. The feeling of nostalgia, intrigue, and euphoria can’t be replicated in any other drink. Grilling your lemons literally changes everything!


Grilling your lemons creates a more rich flavor through caramelization. This lemon richness is everything you remember as a kid running a lemonade stand, going to a carnival, or adventuring through your local county fair. A grilled lemonade makes you feel like a kid all over again because of its accuracy to the lemonades you had as a child. Drinking a grilled lemonade manifests that nostalgia will become reality and become sweet again!

Grilling Lemons is Different and Intriguing

Hear us out. Whenever you think of making lemonade, you’ll always resort to a traditional lemonade. However, if you create a grilled lemonade and share it with friends and family, it becomes a new focal point in a conversation. Furthermore, not many people know grilling lemons evokes a healthier and tastier lemonade. Whether you’re entertaining others or just relaxing by yourself, grilling your lemons is intriguing and will have people talking.


It’s no secret that grilling your lemons unleashes more flavor. What may come as a surprise though is the hint of smoke. The smokey flavor only elevates the experience. It is the yin and yang to smokiness and sweetness. This results in the grilled lemonade being perfectly balanced as all things should be.

Five young, trendy, and hip friends creating memories while sitting around a table drinking grilled lemonade based beverages.
Friends at a table

Benefits of Grilling Your Lemons

Grilling your lemonade is more than just creating nostalgia and intrigue. Grilled lemonade has a plentiful amount of benefits too. Here are our expert’s top benefits of grilling your lemons before making lemonade. Trust us, the advantages will be juicy!

Less Sugar

Grilling your lemons caramelizes the sugars, creating a smoother and more balanced flavor than raw lemons. This also results in less sugars. Grilled lemonade has 27% less sugar than traditional, store bought lemonade. That is a whole lot less sugar!

Freedom From Artificial Flavors

Because of the many flavors that are unleashed during the grilling process, there’s less dependence on sugars. Your grilled lemonade doesn’t need the sugar overload that the leading brands have in their basic lemonade. So remember that when you’re drinking grilled lemonade, you’ll be sipping guilt-free knowing that there is much less sugar.

Excellent Drink Mixer

Grilled lemonade is phenomenal on its own, but it can also be used as a mixer. Because of lemonade’s properties, it blends well with any lemonade based beverage. Whether it’s a ‘half and half’ or a ‘spiked lemonade,’ lemonade that’s grilled is a delicious add-on. Use it in a virgin or alcoholic beverage and you’ll be asking for more once you realize your bottle is empty! Plus, if you are stumped on drink recipes, our lemonade expert’s have created some of our favorite drink recipes using grilled lemons!

Be Different and Get a Grilled Lemonade

Don’t be scared to be different, embrace it. Challenge the status-quo and try grilling lemons for yourself or buy a few bottles from the world leading lemonade grilling brand, Porchies Grilled Lemonade. Check out our website today and come shop with us! As well, if you have any questions please reach out to us or check out our FAQ. We’d love to answer your inquiries or questions!

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