a few of the questions we get asked a bunch

is your lemonade really made with grilled lemons?

yes! we grill every single lemon that goes into our bottles. no corners cut around here! 

what difference does grilling make?

grilling caramelizes the sugars in the lemons creating a smoother & more balanced flavor than raw lemons

does the lemonade taste grilled?

yes, there is a hint of smokey flavor in the lemonade. 

how long does shipping take?

we ship using USPS Priority Mail. our lemonade is small-batch and made-to-order, we don't keep inventory. we usually ship 1-2 days following your order, and orders typically arrive 2-4 days after that.

does porchies need to be refrigerated? 

our lemonade can remain fresh for a couple days outside of the refrigerator during transit, however we recommend refrigeration 1-2 hours after delivery to ensure freshness. 

i have a question about my order, who do i contact?

please contact our customer service, we're happy to help with any questions or issues. 

i have a special order or bulk order request, can you help with that? 

we're happy to cater towards your individual needs. we say yes to almost anything, let us know how we can help!