about us

our video below gives a great introduction to who we are and why we do what we do!

our people

we're driven by a passion for lemonade and a love for challenging the status quo in the beverage industry

Ben Boczulak


A native of Cleveland, OH, Ben grew up surrounded by a deep appreciation for seasonality and living in the moment. On a hot summer day, you could find Ben relaxing in the yard drinking a cold glass of homemade lemonade. During his time at Miami University he stumbled upon an idea to create an improved homemade lemonade by grilling lemons. The grilling develops the complex carbohydrates into sugars allowing Porchies to use 27% less sugar than leading brands. Ben used his love for lemonade, building brands, and entrepreneurship to launch Porchies Grilled Lemonade with his college roommate, Gavin, in March of 2021. Today, he is working to finish his education and working to grow the Porchies Grilled Lemonade brand into something that will transform the beverage industry.

Gavin Clarke


Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Gavin has always had a passion for the natural beauty surrounding him everyday. Spending summers in Palm Desert harvesting fresh lemons behind his grandmothers back porch, he never imagined those fond memories influencing his future small business. In the Spring of 2021, Gavin and his college roommate Ben created Porchies Grilled Lemonade to provide a unique, yet nostalgic drink to compliment any hot summer afternoon. Using his entrepreneurial mindset, Gavin had been perfecting a grilled lemonade recipe destined to take over the beverage industry. By grilling the lemons, Porchies utilizes the natural sugars locked away inside each lemon to create a rounded and caramelized flavor that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Today, Gavin is on the path towards completing his business degree from Miami University, and is busy improving Porchies Grilled Lemonade everyday.