the porchies difference

we made porchies grilled lemonade to evoke memories of a simpler time — a day relaxing on the front porch, sipping on a cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade

freshly squeezed

we don't mess around with concentrates or artificial flavors, we squeeze lemons and put them straight in the bottle – the way nature intended


we juice our lemons in the heart of oxford, ohio – not in some factory hundreds of miles away


grilling lemons helps break down and develop the sugars in the lemons creating a sweeter and smoother tasting juice! we know it sounds crazy, but trust us with this one!

free from artificial sweeteners

we don't mess around corn syrups or aspartame. just good old-fashioned sugar, for the best flavor!

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something old, but something so new

it's not often we get to experience something so familiar, yet so different

drinks made different

we create lemonade with:

(compared to leading brands)

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the cool refreshing taste of nostalgia – but this is not your mother's lemonade. drinks made different –  from our porch to yours!

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grilled lemonade